Explore Evolution

Well, it’s about time. After YEARS of High School text books being loaded with oversimplified, and even entirely inaccurate (sometimes knowingly misleading) information about Darwin’s theory of evolution, and Neo-Darwinism, FINALLY someone has published a textbook that adequately addresses the real issues.

“Explore Evolution”, published by Hill House Publishers (a regular publisher of high quality science and nature texts, in partnership with the Natural History Museum of London), is a new textbook based on the “Inquiry Base Approach” of learning, which – instead of attempting to ‘brainwash’ students toward the currently approved and accepted view – encourages questions and real genuine understanding. From the website: “This approach allows you, the student, to follow the process of discovery, deliberation, and argument that scientists use to form their theories. It allows you to evaluate answers to scientific questions on your own and form your own conclusions. Our goal in using this approach is to expose you to the discoveries, evidence, and arguments that are shaping the current debates over the modern version of Darwin’s theory, and to encourage you to think deeply and critically about them.” Note this important difference from most textbooks on the subject: “to think deeply and CRITICALLY”.

No, this book won’t be full of simple, happy, pat answers for Biblical creationists, but neither will it simply walk in tow – hook in nose – with what the National Academy of Sciences wants everyone to accept as proven ‘fact’. It ENCOURAGES HARD THINKING about the issues. And THAT’S important.

Having met at least 2 of the book’s authors on numerous occasions, and being an encourager of ‘critical thinking’, especially as it relates to origins of life issues and Darwinian (and other theories of) evolution, I will likely even purchase a copy of this textbook for myself soon.

I encourage you all to do the same.


~ by heatlight on August 28, 2007.

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