A quick thought on modern evolutionary theory…

I was reading a response thread at someone else’s blog and the following thought occurred to me:

Let me ask this: is it not POSSIBLE that different mechanisms are responsible for the apparent ‘evolution’ we observe in various species? Some minor long-term changes may be a result of a basic Darwinian mechanism, some more radical changes observed may be the result of neo-darwinistic mechanisms, such as Punctuated Equalibrium, some changes from Intelligent Design (which doesn’t necessarily always implicate a God, as ‘Dog Breeding’ is an example of ID, as is genetic engineering). Many ID theorist believe this: Darwinism is true, in part, but only can account for certain types of changes – this is the power of Behe’s new book, as he attempts to layout the limits of the Darwinian mechanism. Disagree with him on whom is responsible for the design (the information), some do, but I think such work is a huge step forward, instead of clinging to a dogmatic assertion that Darwin’s mechanism has to be the end-all be-all of all theories.


~ by heatlight on October 13, 2007.

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