About Me

Happily married, Christian dad, originally from Georgetown, Ohio, now in Brunswick, GA (stopped off for a few years in both Athens, OH & Athens, GA). I’ve been blessed with an incredible family: Cyle, my wife is gorgeous, creative, and full of suprises, and my son, Kenimer, is personality incarnate & should have his debut cd released before he’s 5.

Formerly an Atheist, God got His grip on me around 1991 and I’ve been pursuing Jesus since. I’m the Associate Music Director at St. Simons Community Church. I also lead worship with my wife as Saint Lewis.

Good music takes my breath away.

I devour multiple books at a time.

My favorite color is the line that is formed where the dark green treetops touch the deep blue sky on a clear day in late spring.

I am convinced that God is big – no, huge – I’m talking outstandingly beyond our comprehension, and that, if He didn’t let little hints of himself peek through the cracks in our reality, we’d be lost as to even speak of Him.

And Jesus – well – Jesus takes my breath away. Even when my faith is shaken, I return to the person of Jesus and cannot let go of him (or, rather, He won’t let go of me).

I’m still exploring the depths of the Spirit. The journey has just begun.


One Response to “About Me”

  1. I enjoy your blog, my friend, and I’ve added you to my blogroll. I suspect we agree on somethings, and disagree on others, but that’s what makes the world interesting, right? Be well!


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