Clark speaks the truth

•October 25, 2007 • 3 Comments

“Christizanity is often repudiated on the ground that is circular: the Bible is authoritative because the Bible authoritatively says so. This objection applies no more to Christianity than to any philosophic system or even to geometry. Every system of organized proposistions depends of necessity on some indemonstrable premises, and every system must make an attempt to explain how these primary premises come to be accepted.” – Dr. Gordon H Clark


A quick thought on modern evolutionary theory…

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I was reading a response thread at someone else’s blog and the following thought occurred to me:

Let me ask this: is it not POSSIBLE that different mechanisms are responsible for the apparent ‘evolution’ we observe in various species? Some minor long-term changes may be a result of a basic Darwinian mechanism, some more radical changes observed may be the result of neo-darwinistic mechanisms, such as Punctuated Equalibrium, some changes from Intelligent Design (which doesn’t necessarily always implicate a God, as ‘Dog Breeding’ is an example of ID, as is genetic engineering). Many ID theorist believe this: Darwinism is true, in part, but only can account for certain types of changes – this is the power of Behe’s new book, as he attempts to layout the limits of the Darwinian mechanism. Disagree with him on whom is responsible for the design (the information), some do, but I think such work is a huge step forward, instead of clinging to a dogmatic assertion that Darwin’s mechanism has to be the end-all be-all of all theories.

Heaven is Illogical?

•September 13, 2007 • 3 Comments

Having been approached often via MySpace by self-proclaimed skeptics/free-thinkers/atheists, there are a number of very common critiques, questions, and issues that have come up. As a sort of ‘clearing house’ I’m going to post a number of those critiques and my responses. If you’re a christian who finds him/her-self in conversations with atheists on occasion, or if you’re a skeptic yourself, maybe these responses will help – at least a little bit – answer those questions or concerns. I don’t claim to know everything about everything, but I do try to understand a little bit about everything! Also note – these responses are ALL directly off the top of my head, and not entirely thought through – I do make mistakes. Enjoy…

1.) Belief in “Heaven” is illogical, and therefore Christianity is untrue. Continue reading ‘Heaven is Illogical?’

Hitchens vs. Hitchens: Peter on Christopher

•September 5, 2007 • 2 Comments

THIS is indeed a refreshing assessment of Christopher Hitchens’ latest book.

A skeptic wrote a blog that I admire?

•September 4, 2007 • 7 Comments

For you Dawkins/Harris/Hitchens/Loftus/Barker fans, here is one of the greatest responses to the ‘New Atheism’ I have yet to encounter:


The Resurrection: what do I know?

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As I try to point out often, I’m a historical realist – along the lines of N. T. Wright and E. P. Sanders. That essentially means that I believe that history is a fact, and a fact that we might know, but not necessarily a fact that we can know we know – not something that can be proven as fact. That said, a historical reconstruction doesn’t have to prove itself, but merely be convincing.

This all ties back into why I am a Christian. I am a Christian because of a man named Jesus – a man I cannot shake, even though I have wanted to at times. My faith stands in rings – the most important of which is the first ring – Jesus. The outer rings, various doctrines of practice and faith, come and go – sometimes depending on something as fickle as my mood (I admit it – when I’m angry at God there are things about Him I have a harder time trusting in than when I’m happy – how about you?). But even when my faith gets shredded I fall back on the person of Jesus. That is what this short article is regarding – a portrait of the Jesus I believe in… Continue reading ‘The Resurrection: what do I know?’

Explore Evolution

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Well, it’s about time. After YEARS of High School text books being loaded with oversimplified, and even entirely inaccurate (sometimes knowingly misleading) information about Darwin’s theory of evolution, and Neo-Darwinism, FINALLY someone has published a textbook that adequately addresses the real issues. Continue reading ‘Explore Evolution’